Monday, February 11, 2008

Are you a Mom? Do you Blog?

I am a mom trying to finish my PhD...and I need YOUR help!

I am conducting academic research FOR you and ABOUT you. I have a particular interest in studying those things that make the transition to motherhood easier, or at the very least, better understood. The growing number of moms who blog has piqued my interest. As such, I am researching the experience of blogging for mothers of young children. Your help would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way toward increasing the knowledge of the ways in which blogging may/or may not be meaningful for women like us.

Please complete my survey and let me know about your blogging experience.

Click HERE to learn more, or simply click the web button that you see below.

mom blogger web button

The information you provide will be completely anonymous. This research was subjected to vigorous reviews, was approved for sociological research, and was held to the highest academic standards for protecting human subjects.

*This IS NOT a marketing gimick.*

I know your time is valuable, and I thank you so much for participating.


Sayre said...

A friend of mine forwarded your link to me, but you don't say on your first page that you are only looking for motherse of preschool-aged kids. You might want to include that in your first page. My son is in grade school, so I guess I'm not eligible to take part.

Dr. Bob said...

Hi -- My son is five. Is a pre-schooler considered before first grade or before kindergarten?

p.s. -- good luck with the project. I remember scrounging for research participants ... um ... fondly?

Em said...

Would you be interested in providing the html code for that link/badge so that other people can include in on their blogs? I'd be happy to if it was provided.

Bobbie Sue said...

Thank you all for your input!

I had to limit my data, so I chose to focus on mothers of preschoolers (based on average age of entrance into First grade). There is a developmental transition that occurs when our children enter school, especially for women. Because my research is based largely on adult development literature, it made theoretical sense to use "5 years old and younger" as the cut-off age for inclusion in the research.

Thank you so much for your participation!

Craig said...

I am a recent father of twin girls. 1.18.2008. Am I excluded? I work for an Ophthalmology Research Center at The University of Texas Medical Branch and would love to help but I am a Dad and have preemie twins...